We want you to make your gathering what you want it to be.  Simply use the navigation at the top of the menu to view appetizer, starter, entree and dessert options.  Use the options we have provided you here to create a personal dining experience for your guests.  If you choose to have appetizers, they will be served family style at the beginning of your gathering.  We will have your special dinner menu placed at every seat. Your guests will simply circle their choice of starter, entree & dessert from the options you have chosen.  

Choose as many courses as you like.  Then, call Eric or Pat to discuss... 

**We will offer our Seafood & Prime Rib Smorgasbord Buffet on Friday & Saturday nights in December through the 17th.  Cost is $42/person.  This is a great option for holiday gatherings and takes away the burden of selecting a menu.  If you would like to do this option for your group, all you need to do is select dessert options.

. choose your menu .